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Posted by Gurudatta Pati

Q: Why shouldn't TNIE increase its number of pages like other established newspapers ? Is 16 pages of TNIE enough to follow all the news and some healthy views on current affairs ? pls do answer

We do carry more than 16 pages on most of the days.


Posted by Tee

Q: Do you really think that that is the way to let your news channel handle the Panama Papers?

I havent understood your question. Please clarify. Panama papers have already been published and discussed on all the news channels. Nothing new is available. If it comes, we will definitely report about the leaks.


Posted by hasamukh Jinnatali Vadsaria

Q: Sir, Being a Muslim person, Since last 20 years I am following HINDU religion in our India. But world famous muslim leader AGA KHAN's team doesn't like this and so they are torching me at high level. I have all this on paper also. At present I want to explore this all at world level with the help me clean media person. so I want your help at your level. ((Thanks in advance, Jay Sri Ram )) If you find a little free time please contact me.... I this this news will be world level news with yourhelp

India is a genuine secular country. If you are being threatened for what you believe in please email details to


Posted by Arpit Gupta

Q: Dear sir, You have sought ideas and suggestions for a soon to go on air new Hindi news channel in Twitter. May I know when this news channel will start hiring? I am looking for an opportunity to work with you. Regards, Arpit Gupta

We have already hired most of the staff. However, we have few vacancies in editorial department and you can send your cv to


Posted by Julien Fiszman

Q: Dear Prabhu,   Let me introduce myself, I am Julien Fiszman from MyBrain tech in Paris, ranked in the top 100 startups in France. I contact you because my team and I are working on an innovative project related to neurosciences called “Melomind” which might interest you.    This technology was born and developed in collaboration with the “Brain and Spine Institute” (ICM) of Paris - one of the most well-known laboratories in neuroscience research in the world, which guarantees our qual

Congratulations for a wonderful achievement. Please email the details to


Posted by Sneha Singh

Q: From a website I got to know that you are going to launch a new channel. Would it be possible for me to join it. Presently, I am working with NDTV as an Intern.

Ours is a Hindi channel. But we would definitely look at you, if you email your cv to


Posted by abhishek upadhyay

Q: sir i want to work in your upcoming channel from varanasi Up

We have already appointed a full time reporter in Varanasi. Try next time.


Posted by manu mittal

Q: Dear Prabhu Sir, I would like to work for your new hindi channel, Please have a look at my resume by clicking on the following link

Send your application directly to


Posted by nagmani pandey

Q: सर खबर है की आप हिंदी चैनल ला रहे है | आप के साथ ही हम काम करने के लिए इच्छुक है | १० वर्षो से मुंबई में प्रिंट मिडिया से जुडा हु | मौका मिलने की उम्मीद है | धन्यवाद | 09004322982

Yes, I am a part of team which is launching a news channel. Please send your application to


Posted by Goutam Bagchi

Q: I am write a message that being an Indian we are proud for our country that much more scam happened day to day and we are facing much more difficulties

I am very happy to read your views. Keep in up.


Posted by lalit joshi

Q: sir, what exactly the political scenario do you visualize in Uttar Pradesh ahead of Assembly election 2017? why the political parties are wary of our present Prime Minister who is doing well with his all ability? will he not succeed to crush the designs of AAAPI, PAAPI and CONGI?

All the regional parties are afraid of huge popularity of the Prime Minister. But he is not a candidate for Chief Ministership of any state. Since BJP's organisation is very weak in many states, regional parties have better chances of winning an election.


Posted by Abhijit Mitra

Q: Sir Please accept my sincere apology for this unsolicited mail to you. With due respect, my name is Abhijit Mitra and I am contacting you in regard, to apply for a suitable position in cable TV distribution .I feel my educational training and professional background make me well suited for this position. A professional with over 24+ years of rich experience in Distribution, Business Development, Channel & Distribution Management in Broadcast Media & Entertainment Industry.

Please email you application to


Posted by Rahil Gupta

Q: Would Like to be part of Your New channel. My profile can be checked at Thanks

Many thanks for getting in touch with us. HR department of National Voice . They will look at your cv and if found suitable for any slot, they will definitely call you over for an interview.